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Gift cards.

A gift card is a prepaid digital card loaded with a specific cash value. For example, if you would like to gift someone ₵25, you could purchase a ₵25 gift card. Gift cards can be exchanged for goods or services from our online marketplace, which makes them the perfect option for when you’re not sure what to buy for someone! They can be managed from the ↗ Gift Cards menu tab of your Customer dashboard (read this article for more info).  

Buying gift cards

Gift cards can be purchased from our store just like any other product. You can find all of the available gift cards by clicking the ↗ Gift Cards link at the top of our website. Simply fill in the required info on the product page and checkout to make payment.

purchasing a gift card

purchasing a gift card

  When a gift card is purchased, a unique gift card code is generated and sent to the specified recipient. The gift card owner can then:

  • Use it to pay for orders by entering the code directly at checkout.
  • Add the gift card to their account for later use (read this article for more info).


Paying with gift cards

Once you know what you’d like in exchange for your gift card, you can redeem your gift card using the code during the checkout process.  The code can be found in the email we sent you when you were given the gift card. Simply enter the gift card code into the Have a gift card? textbox, then click Apply.  

redeeming gift card during checkout

redeeming gift card during checkout

Note: A gift card can be used to partially pay for an order, in the event that the order total exceeds the gift card’s value. If the gift card value exceeds the order total, the remaining balance will be stored in your account to use at another time.

Tip: You can redeem multiple gift cards and coupons per order.

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