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Vendor chat and enquiries.

We highly value excellent customer service! This is why we provide customers many ways to contact our Vendors, with just a few  clicks of a button.


Get support button

If a Vendor has this feature enabled, you can click a Get support button (located on a product listing or store page) that will allow you to easily generate a support ticket.


get support button


Product enquiry

If you have a specific product related enquiry, you can submit an official “Product enquiry” on the product page. After it is submitted, the Vendor will email a reply to you.

product enquiry

product enquiry


Live chat

We also offer a Live Chat feature! Clicking  the Chat now button will send an instant message to the Vendor, which is perfect for all of your burning questions!

live chat button

live chat button

Note: Always abide by our customer communication policy when contacting Vendors.

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