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Gift cards.

The ↗ Gift Card tab of your Customer dashboard is where you are able to see your total gift cards balance, redeem gift cards, and see a history of your gift card transactions. You can redeem a gift card when you check out of our marketplace, but you can also add it to your account. Simply enter the code into the textbox provided and click the Add to your account button. Adding a gift card to your account is the best way to store a gift card code as it cannot be misplaced, and you will have the option to redeem the code whenever you checkout (in case you forget about it). Your gift card’s balance will be added to your total gift card account balance.
adding a gift card to your account

gift cards menu tab

 Once your gift card has been added to your account, you can use your gift cards account balance to pay for orders by ticking the Use $XX.XX from your Gift Card balance checkbox on the cart/checkout page.
using gift card balance during checkout

using gift card balance during checkout

Note: A gift card can be used to partially pay for an order, in the event that the order total exceeds the gift card’s value. If the gift card value exceeds the order total, the remaining balance will be stored in your account to use at another time.

Tip: You can redeem multiple gift cards and coupons per order.

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