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What is an RMA request?

A return merchandise authorization (RMA) is a part of the process of returning a product to receive a refund, replacement, or repair during the product’s warranty period. Depending on the product warranty set by the Vendor, you can request a replacement of the bought product, a full or a partial refund, or request a refund as store credit. To be able to submit an RMA request, the product needs to be under warranty. Vendors can choose from three types of warranties to offer to their customers, and specific details will be included in the return policy. Types of warranties:

    • No Warranty: The item can’t be returned.
    • Warranty Included: The warranty is included with the product purchase, for a defined period of time.
    • Warranty as Add-On: The warranty can be purchased for an additional cost.

  If a product has a warranty, it will be displayed on the product page underneath the price, and the refund policy is displayed further down the page in the “Shipping” section. If you would like to request a refund, return or replacement, read this article for detailed steps on how to submit an RMA request.

product warranty

product warranty


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