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Tips for writing reviews.

In the world of online shopping, everyone loves reading reviews. Because we can’t see or test a product before buying it, we’ll usually read the product reviews first. In this sense, reviews are helpful to customers, but they are also helpful to Vendors as they boost their street cred. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re submitting reviews:

  • Be genuine

Authenticity goes a long way. Many people are compensated in some way for writing reviews, and usually these are easy to spot! It doesn’t really matter if your review is positive or negative, ass long as it is honest.

  • Help others

Remember that other customers will be reading your review. Write feedback that will be helpful to them, so that they will know whether the product or store will suit their needs.

  • Provide constructive criticism 

You’re also writing the review for the Vendor’s benefit. Let them know exactly how you feel and how they could improve their product or service, so that they can grow.

  • Avoid promotional jargon

Although your review may have a small impact on the sale of the product, you’re not writing an advert. The reviews area is not an advertising space and if it sounds like an ad, it will probably just be ignored.

  • Proofread

For your review to sound credible, a certain level of quality is expected. Always check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

  • Expect a response

Keep in mind that the Vendor is likely to read and respond to your review, whether it is of a product or the store. Be open to their feedback, and any solutions they may offer.

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