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Feedback misuse policy


Consistent Feedback and Comments:

  • Feedback comments must align with the rating given to reflect the overall transaction experience.
  • Positive feedback must accompany a positive rating.
  • Negative feedback must accompany a negative rating.

For example:

  • Vendors must not leave buyers a negative comment with a positive transaction rating.
  • Buyers must not leave sellers a negative comment with a positive transaction rating unless they contacted the seller beforehand and the issue was not resolved.
  • Follow-up or reply comments must also match the overall rating and cannot be used to alter the initial rating.

Feedback Content

  • Feedback should only relate to the transaction.The following content is not allowed:
    – Opinions on political, religious, or social issues.
    – Implied or explicit threats or intimidation.
    – Publishing of any personally identifiable information.
    – Inappropriate or offensive content.
    – Infringement of third-party rights.
    – References to investigations.
    -Links, URLs, or content encouraging sales outside of Cutemesh

To protect our members, we enforce these rules to ensure feedback cannot be misused and remains a reliable part of the  marketplace.

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