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Images and text policy

When creating listings, store pages or product pages, vendors should write their own text and take their own photos and videos. Buyers like to see images, videos and descriptions that accurately represent the item they are purchasing. To make sure you’re giving potential buyers an accurate representation of your items, and that you’re not infringing on anyone else’s content rights, you should write your own descriptions and use your own images.

What content is allowed?

You may use images, videos or text on Cutemesh as long as your use of that content does not infringe third-party rights and the content follows our policy on Offensive materials.

Can I use images or videos that I copied from other websites?

No, you can’t use images or videos from a manufacturer’s website, even if it is publicly available. Copying content from other websites or internet searches may be considered copyright infringement.

What are the most common reasons for uploaded videos and images to be rejected by moderation?

  • Exceeding maximum size – We recommend videos shorter than 1 minute for the best viewing experience. Videos over 150MB are not allowed
  • Poor quality – A video that is blurry, undefined or distorted is considered poor quality and not allowed
  • Illegal content – See the Illegal explicit content policy for more information
  • Offensive content – Promotion or glorified hatred, violence or discrimination aren’t allowed. See the Offensive materials policy for more information
  • Nudity and sexual content – Videos and images may not include nudity or displays of sexually oriented content.
  • Infringing content – Video, images or audio content that is used without permission from the respective rights owner is not allowed
  • The publishing of any personally identifiable information

What is the policy?

Your listings, stores pages, product pages, member communications and images uploaded when you return an item or leave feedback should follow this policy as well as our other policies.

What is allowed

  • Images, videos and text you created yourself, without any third-party content or intellectual property

What is not allowed

  • Images, videos or text copied from websites or internet searches
  • Scans or text copied from catalogs or advertisements
  • Poor-quality videos or images that are blurry, undefined or distorted
  • Illegal content



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