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Prohibited and restricted items

At CuteMesh, we strive to maintain a trusted and inclusive environment for our global community of buyers and sellers. While most adult-only items are prohibited, listings that include nudity are allowed under specific guidelines outlined below.

Our commitment is to ensure fairness and prevent bias in the enforcement of our policies. Any adult content that does not comply with our policy will be removed. We will review the content of the listing, images, and item category to determine its appropriateness.

CuteMesh defines nudity as displaying any part of male or female genitalia, anus, or female breasts where the areola or nipple is visible. Additionally, the following are considered nudity:

– Modeled clothing that is see-through or very tight, revealing human genitalia, anus, or the nipple/areola of female breasts
– Male erections, even if the model is clothed
– Individuals engaged in sexual contact or activity

Thank you for helping us maintain a safe and respectful marketplace.


The following items are not allowed:

  • Adult items with content that is illegal
  • Sexually explicit materials, including items displaying sexual activities, are not allowed. This includes the following:
    • Sexually explicit adult films with a rating of X, XXX, or unrated for an adults-only audience
    • Sexually explicit video games with a rating of Adults Only 18+
    • Sexually explicit magazines, books and comics that show displays of sexual activity
  • Adult magazines, books and comics that contain nudity are allowed only if they don’t contain sexual activity and if no images of nudity are showing in the listing
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