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Cancelling bids

We discourage the canceling of bids unless absolutely necessary. However, we understand that there are some situations where bids should be cancelled, such as:

  • A customer requests you cancel their bid and you agree.
  • You have to end the listing early because the item is no longer available for sale.
  • You made an error in the listing.
  • You’re concerned the bid may be from a fraudulent customer (in which case, you should report them to us).

As a Vendor, you yourself are unable to cancel bids, but you can report them to us and we will deal with them. Simply call us on +189 284 5679 or email [email protected]

A bidder has to be logged into our website in order to place bids. This is the most reliable way to track bids, filter serious bidders, block fake accounts, and allow winners to make payment.

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