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Money back guarantee.’s return policy includes a money back guarantee, which covers most transactions. It means customers are eligible for a full refund in certain situations, such as if a product doesn’t arrive, a product is faulty or damaged, or a product doesn’t match the listing. If it is determined that a customer is eligible for a refund according to our money back guarantee, they will receive a refund for the full cost of the product (including shipping costs, if applicable) and you, the Vendor, may be required to reimburse for the amount of the refund if the withdraw threshold (if applicable) has passed.

Our money back guarantee applies when:

  • The customer doesn’t receive a product they purchased.
  • The product received by the customer doesn’t match the product listing. For example, the Vendor delivered the wrong product, or the product arrives broken, damaged or faulty.
  • A Vendor doesn’t fulfil their return policy.


For customer transactions to be eligible for our money back guarantee:

  • Customers must complete and pay for their purchase on using an eligible payment method (see below).
  • Customers must meet the requirements specified in this policy, including taking action within any applicable time frames.
  • The product may not be excluded from our money back guarantee (see below) or subject to any additional exclusions (see below).


The following payment methods are eligible for our money back guarantee:

✓ Debit or Credit cards.
✓ PayPal or PayPal Credit.
✓ gift cards.

The products excluded from our money back guarantee are:

✗ Any product not in its original condition, is damaged or has missing parts.
✗ Some healthcare products, customised products and clothing (such as undergarments and swimsuits).
✗ Perishable products, including flowers.
✗ Consumable products, including edible products.
✗ Real estate, websites and businesses.
✗ Digital content and intangible goods.
✗ Classified ads.
✗ Services.
✗ Travel tickets or vouchers.

Additional exclusions include:

✗ When products are collected by a third party on behalf of the customer.
✗ When customers arrange their own shipping method, such as a courier pickup.
✗ When customers provide an invalid or incorrect address at checkout.
✗ When the product was sent to another address after the original delivery. For example, if the customer used third-party freight forwarding or mail redirection.
✗ When the product was shipped internationally and didn’t clear customs because fees or duties weren’t paid.
✗ When customers choose to collect the product, but do not collect it within the specified time frame.
✗ When customers refuse delivery of the product.

As a Vendor, you are responsible for delivering the product that was described in your product listing, honouring your return policy, and providing a resolution when a customer reports a problem with an order. Read our refund and return best practices here

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