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Offering great service.

Customer service directly impacts the success of your store. Excellent customer service can encourage growth, while poor customer service hinders growth. This is why offering great service is extremely important, in addition to offering great products and prices. Great customer service facilitates a great customer experience, which results in positive reviews that boost your brand’s reputation. However, poor customer service and a poor customer experience can overwhelm your store with negative reviews that you cannot afford. Offering great service is essential for your store’s success. When you’re able to serve customers constantly in an organised, personalised manner, across multiple channels, in a good response time, you’ll be well on your way to providing high quality customer service. Here are a few tips for offering great customer service:

Get organised

You might offer great service, but if you’re disorganised, your customers won’t see it that way. You need to find an efficient way of keeping track of customer conversation across all platforms, so that no conversation is lost. Equipping your team with the right tools (such as a shared email inbox and reply templates) will go a long way in keeping you organised and efficient.

Be personal

Always offer a personalised approach. Customer service is more than just tracking shipments and processing refunds – it’s about tailoring the shopping experience to each customer. This is especially easy to do if you’re in a niche market. For example, if you offer customised swimwear for athletes, you could use your knowledge to advise a customer on the best size, fit and design for them. However, a personalised approach could also just mean greeting a customer by their name and helping them make the right purchase for their unique needs.

Offer multi-channel customer service

Although offers in-house support features, some customers might prefer to contact you via other means, such as social media. Engaging with customers on their preferred platform is a good way to make them feel special and foster meaningful relationships. This can be challenging at times, but it is worth it!

Respond promptly

A quick response is one effective strategy for helping you provide unforgettable customer service. It makes the customer feel like they’re important to you – and they should be, considering your business wouldn’t exist without them! Unfortunately thanks to instant messaging and social media, prompt responses are expected. You should meet these expectations and don’t neglect your customers. When you take too long to respond, or don’t respond at all, there’s a high chance the customer will shop elsewhere. Even if you’re busy and don’t actually have time to deal with a customer’s enquiry, always let them know that you have received their message and will get back to them soon (automated responses are the perfect solution for this!).

Leverage customer reviews

We’ve mentioned how important reviews are, so make sure you use them! Customers want to be heard, and they want to hear what other customers have to say, so make sure that collecting, displaying and responding to reviews are priorities for you. Not only are reviews essential for helping customers make purchasing decisions that impact your bottom line, they can be a great source of ideas for improving your customer service and the customer experience. No matter what the reviews are used for, make an effort to collect them. Some customers love leaving reviews and will do so without any encouragement, but some customers will need a reminder. When interacting with customers, politely ask them to leave a review, or send them an email after their purchase asking for a review. Remember: reviews generate more reviews! Once you start to receive reviews, it will encourage other customers to leave reviews, which means you can work a little less harder to acquire them.

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