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What are the existing seller protections on Vendors are protected from ↓ abusive buying behaviour and ↓ events beyond their control, as well as other Vendor protections. Essentially, if we determine a customer’s behaviour to be abusive, or something happens beyond your control, we’ll take action to ensure your store is protected. All you need to do is report the customer to us.


Abusive buyer policy

Although it is rare, some customers may behave in a manner that we deem unacceptable. For example, misusing the reviews, returns, or refund processes. Read this article to find our policy  that outlines our expectations for customer behaviour. When customer don’t meet these standards, Vendors can report abusive behaviour.

If we determine a customer’s behaviour to be abusive, we will take action on your behalf. This includes dealing with the customer and any any resulting negativity. As a penalty, we may limit the customer’s ability to file return requests, or in serious cases, we may suspend their account.

Here are a few examples:

  • False claims: If a customer makes a false claim when submitting a return request (such as falsely stating the item delivered is not the same as the item described in your product listing), we will subsidise 50% of any of your costs involved with the return and credit it to your store, ready for you to withdraw.
  • Used or damaged items: If a customer uses or damages an item before returning it, you can deduct up to 50% from the refund to help recover the lost value of the item. To avoid conflict, we suggest having some sort of evidence to substantiate your actions. We will work directly with the customer to resolve any issues associated with the item being returned.
  • Retracted bids or non-payments: If a buyer retracts their bid and it disrupts your auction, or doesn’t make a payment, you can choose to cancel the order and we won’t let it negatively impact your store. You’ll receive credit for any applicable fees.
  • Unreasonable demands: If a customer demands something not offered in the original product listing, you are not required to agree to any additional extras or make changes to your listing. In this scenario, you can either deliver the item purchased by the customer (in accordance with the original product listing), or cancel the order. We’ll protect you from any negativity as result of these actions.
  • Undelivered items: If a customer claims an item was not delivered, but you can provide tracking information that proves it was, then no further action is required. Read this article for more info.


Events beyond your control

If something happens that is beyond your control, we’ve got your back!

Here are a few examples:

  • Delayed delivery: If an item arrives late but shipment tracking shows that you shipped within your handling time, we’ll help explain this to the customer if necessary. A delayed delivery will have no impact on your store’s processing time.
  • Severe weather or carrier disruptions: If an item arrives late due to weather or carrier disruptions, we won’t let it negatively impact your store, and we’ll help resolve the issue with the customer – as long as the shipment receives a carrier scan via shipment tracking within your handling time. This protection also applies when we instruct you to hold a shipment, or cancel a transaction for any reason.


To help us identify customers engaging in unacceptable behaviour, or to report an event beyond your control, please contact us. We will investigate the matter, as well as any potential policy violations, and take actions to protect you.


Other protections

↗ Customer code of conduct
↗ Vendor code of conduct
↗ Money back guarantee


Eligibility for protection

Our seller protection applies when:

  • You report the customer to us, or we are aware of the abusive behaviour.
  • The product listing and transaction both appear on
  • You abide by fair business practices, especially regarding returns and refunds.


You are not eligible for any seller protection when:

  • You do not comply with our Vendor code of conduct.
  • You have a history of violating our policies.
  • You do not follow through with your customer service promises, such as honouring your return policy or sticking to your processing time.
  • You misuse the Vendor protections, by excessively reporting customers, for example.


Transactions are not eligible for seller protection when:

  • The item violates our prohibited items policy and isn’t allowed to be sold on
  • The item is a product that is excluded from our money back guarantee.
  • The item was collected from your store by the customer and was refunded with store credit, or exchanged for another item.
  • The item does not have shipment tracking, in cases where tracking is required as evidence, such as delayed delivery for example.


Recommended practices

In order to provide great customer service and to protect yourself from unwanted claims, we suggest the following:


We realise these situations can get frustrating, but we encourage you to remain polite and professional at all times. See this article for more info.

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