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Did you know you can place adverts on! Whether you want to advertise your store, a particular product listing, or even an upcoming event, it’s totally possible! You can advertise anything that you think customers will be interested in. The ads are displayed in various locations on our website (which you can choose from) and they are 100% responsive across all devices. They can be in almost any format – text, images (.jpg, .png, .gif), video (html5),  html (javascript) or CSS (custom CSS). For added convenience, there are a few different payment methods (such as PayPal or Bank Transfer) for you to choose from. To place an advert on, simply complete the order form in your ↗ Customer dashboard.

advertise menu tab

advertise menu tab

  How to place an advert on

  1. Log into your ↗ Customer dashboard.
  2. Click the Advertise tab on the left menu.
  3. Complete all of the required fields of the order form (ad location, email address, ad URL, image and billing model, for example).
  4. On the new page that loads, select a payment method from the various options.
  5. Follow the rest of the steps to complete the payment and publish your advert.

  Once your advert is published, the ↗ Advertise Statistics tab will display key metrics for the lifespan of your adverts. You will be able to see clicks, views and CTR in real time!

advert statistics page

advert statistics page


Note: All adverts must comply with our advertising guidelines.

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