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Advertising guidelines.

Guidelines for advertising on

To ensure that remains a fun, family-friendly platform, all advertisements should comply with the following guidelines.


The technical requirements for all adverts are as follows:

  • Accepted advert formats are: text, images (.jpg, .png, .gif), video (html5),  html (javascript) or CSS (custom CSS).
  • Image dimensions should be at least 1000 pixels or larger, in width or height.
  • Image width dimensions should be a maximum of 2400 pixels.
  • Image height dimensions should be a maximum of 1600 pixels.
  • Maximum file size is 2 MB.
  • File names should match the product title, followed by a fullstop and the appropriate file extension (eg. BunchOfBananas.png). Dashes or additional characters in the filename will prevent your image from being uploaded.


All adverts should comply with the following standards:

  • The ad should abide by all guidelines and policies on our website, including our Vendor code of conduct, Customer code of conduct, product image guidelines and list of prohibited content.
  • You must respect the rights of others. Your ads can’t infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark or privacy rights.
  • You should be authentic, truthful and transparent about the product or service you’re promoting. Do not try to deceive users. This includes setting clear expectations about product quality, delivery times, return processes, and services provided.
  • You should not perform unacceptable business practices, or place ads that promote unsavoury products, services or business models.
  • The content should be of a high standard. For example, fuzzy and blurry images, or poorly cropped images, may not be approved.
  • The content should not contain artificial functionality, such as fake play or download buttons.
  • The content should not contain profanity, improper grammar, incorrect spelling or excessive capitalization and symbols.
  • The ad should link to high-quality landing pages. Destination URLs that start automatic downloads, force people to visit another page, or go to an unresponsive/under construction page, for example, are not allowed.
  • The content must not contain clickbait or exploit users in any way.
  • The ad or its content must not discriminate or encourage discrimination against people based on personal attributes such as race, ethnicity, colour, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability, medical or genetic condition.
  • You must not abuse the ad network or the platform in any way. This includes any attempt to circumvent our policies or review systems.
  • You must handle personal information with care, and comply with our privacy policy, as well as privacy and information security laws and regulations.
  • You must comply with all applicable human rights laws, statutes, regulations and codes.

These advertising guidelines apply to all parts of your promoted content, including the image, description and destination. It is your responsibility as an advertiser to follow these and any of our other guidelines or terms. Any violation of this code of conduct may result in corrective action, depending on the nature and severity of the violation. We reserve the right to review, reject or remove any ad at our sole discretion, as well as the right to reject an advertiser based on poor third-party ratings or a record of complaints. These guidelines may change at any time.

Helpful links:
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