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Our eWallet system allows you to store your money in a digital wallet. Once you have added money to your wallet (using any of the various payment methods we have available), you can use your wallet to purchase products from our marketplace. This is super convenient because it means you don’t have to fill in payment details every time you checkout. As a bonus, you will also earn cashback simply for using your wallet money! Your eWallet can be managed from the ↗ My wallet page in your customer dashboard (read this article for more info).

my wallet menu tab

my wallet menu tab


Cashback reward programme

Our cashback rewards system allows you to earn up to 1% of your shopping cart’s total. This means that whatever you end up paying for an order (after gift cards and coupons have been applied), you will earn back 1%. For example, if you are purchasing a product for ₵50 and using a gift card for ₵20, then your total is ₵30 and your cashback will be ₵0.30. This reward money will be added to your wallet for you to use on another order. All customers are eligible to earn cashback rewards, even if you have never added a topup to your wallet!

earning cashback

earning cashback

Note: You can make a partial payment using your wallet money. If your order total is higher than what you have available in your wallet, the wallet balance will be deducted first, then rest of the balance will need to be paid via another method.

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