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How secure are payments made on security

At, security is one of our top priorities! We take full advantage of all the tools at our disposal to ensure that you, our website and our customers’ experiences are as safe as possible. All of our payment gateways are secure and make use of sophisticated technologies to ensure all transactions are safe.

Some of our payment methods (such as debit/credit card payments) are securely processed by Paystack. This is what Paystack has to say regarding their security:

Paystack is a PCI-certified, auditor certified, PCI Service Provider Level 1 – the highest certification level. All connections to our services are forced to happen over HTTPS using TLS 1.2 (SSL). We use HSTS to ensure browsers interact with Paystack only over HTTPS. Card details are encrypted using AES-256 GCM while the decryption keys are stored on a separate machine. As such, cards are not stored as plain numbers but securely hidden even from Paystack personnel and systems. The only actions our systems can take is to request that card details be sent to a service provider. ~ Paystack

Our PayPal payment method is securely processed by PayPal. Here’s what they have to say about their security:

Security you can rely on. Whether you use PayPal to buy or sell, we help keep you and your payments safe. With data encryption, real-time transaction monitoring and buyer and seller protection policies, PayPal’s a safe way to pay and get paid. TLS and HTTPS connections, key pinning on mobile apps and PCI compliance keep payments safer. ~ PayPal

We also implement various other measures to secure our website, so rest assured, you’re in safe hands!

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