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Payment Holds on items sold.

A payment hold, or a withdraw threshold, is a number of days where your earnings from a sale are temporarily unavailable. It is essentially an escrow feature to help increase the security of our marketplace. If a customer submits a return request within the withdraw threshold period, it would be easy to process a refund if necessary. Once the payment hold or withdraw threshold is over, the funds will become available for you to withdraw by submitting a withdraw request from the ↗ Withdraw tab of your Vendor dashboard (which is also where you can view the length of the withdraw threshold, if applicable).

If a customer requests a refund after the withdraw threshold period, you may be required to reimburse for the amount of the refund. Read more here.

Helpful links:
Vendor dashboard basics > Withdraw
Returns, Refunds & Resolving a Problem > How to handle a return request

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