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Tax Information

Product tax

Although we would love to make life easy and handle your taxes for you, unfortunately they are your responsibility. You need to enter prices inclusive of tax when creating your product listings. All prices on are displayed including tax (assuming you have factored it in). You must follow all tax regulations that apply to you – unfortunately we can’t give tax advice, so you should contact the appropriate tax authority for more information.

Shipping tax

If you need to add shipping tax, you can do so when editing your product listing and scrolling down to the “Shipping and Tax” section. You can select the appropriate tax status and tax class from the drop-down menus and click Save product. In most setups, shipping tax class is inherited from the item being shipped, e.g., Shipping a reduced rate item, for example, would also use a reduced rate shipping tax. If this is not the case in your jurisdiction, choose a different tax class. The taxes will be applied to the customer’s checkout page automatically, and you will receive all shipping and tax related fees that you charge customers for.

If you would like us to add a specific tax class with a specific tax rate, just contact us!

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