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Single product, multiple vendors.

This feature makes it possible for Vendors to copy other Vendors’ product listings. If you’re selling the same product as another Vendor, you can conveniently copy the product listing from the other vendor’s store to your own store with a single click (such a time saver!). When you are logged into your Vendor account and you are viewing a product that you would like to sell, click the Sell This Item button to add it to your store. Once you’ve copied the listing, customise it however you like, then be sure to click Save Product button to start selling.

sell this item button

sell this item button

If the same product is being sold by multiple Vendors, customers will be able to view all of the Vendors selling the product and compare prices on the product page.

other available vendors list

other available vendors list

Note: If you are not logged in to your Vendor account, the Sell This Item button on the product page will be hidden!

Warning: You need to ensure that you have stock of the product. Copying another Vendor’s listing does not mean the customer will be ordering from the other Vendor – all it does is save you some time by not creating the product listing from scratch!

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