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Cancel a transaction.

Cancelling an order

As a Vendor, you are obligated to complete a sale with a customer. However, we understand that there may be certain circumstances in which orders need to be cancelled. Learn how to change the status of an order to “cancelled” by reading this article.

Here are some reasons you may want to cancel an order:

  • You haven’t shipped the item and the customer asks you to cancel the order.
  • You have fewer items in stock than you thought.
  • The customer placed the order using the wrong shipping address.
  • The customer hasn’t paid for the order within a reasonable amount of time after placing the order.


Cancelling a return request

If a customer submits a return request, it can’t be cancelled, but it can be rejected. If you have a valid reason for rejecting a return request, you can do so by changing the RMA request status to “Rejected” when managing the request. For more detailed instructions, read this article.

Always discuss cancellations or rejections with the customer, and provide them with a valid reason before proceeding! Cancelling an order or rejecting a request out of the blue can lead to unwanted complications and complaints.

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