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How to handle a return requets.

Receiving a return request

If a customer decides to ask for a return, refund or exchange, they will submit an RMA request. You will then be able to view and manage the request in the ↗ Return Request tab of your Vendor dashboard. When managing the request, you can view all of the order details, return request details, chat with the customer and change the status of the return request. To learn how to manage a return request, read this article. Once you have negotiated with the customer and understand how they would like to proceed, you need to request a refund from, then update the order status and return request status.

return request menu tab

return request menu tab


Processing the refund

Once a customer has summitted an RMA request and you agree to proceed, you need to submit a refund request to Simply find their order in the ↗ Orders tab of your Vendor dashboard, click Edit on the order, then click the Request Refund button located underneath the order details. Add the refund amount and the reason, then click Submit Refund Request for it to be processed. Don’t forget to update the order status (to Refunded for example) from the drop-down menu, as well as the return request status (to Processing for example) throughout the whole process. Once we have processed the refund, the refund amount will be displayed in the “Refunded” column, and a note will be added to the order.

submitting a refund

submitting a refund

Note: You are responsible for delivering the product that was described in your product listing, honouring your return policy, and providing a resolution when a customer reports a problem with an order. Read our refund and return best practices here.

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