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How do I offer a shipping discount?

To offer a shipping discount, you need to get a little creative! Here are a few ideas for creating a shipping discount:


Use coupons

You could offer a coupon that applies a discount based on certain conditions. For example, a 10% discount if the customer has a minimum order of ₵1000. If the order doesn’t meet or exceed the minimum amount set in the coupon settings, the customer won’t be able to redeem the coupon. To learn how to create a coupon, read this article.


Use shipping classes

If a specific product (not the entire shopping cart) is eligible for a discount, you can assign it the “Discounted shipping” class by clicking the product listing to edit it, then scrolling down to the “Shipping and Tax” section and selecting the Discounted shipping class from the drop-down menu. Then you need to define the discounted shipping cost by editing the appropriate shipping method in the desired shipping zone in your ↗ Shipping settings. The cost can be calculated using a fixed number that is less than your usual rate (₵10 instead of ₵20, for example), or using a sum that applies a discount, such as 20 – [fee percent=”10″] which equals a base shipping cost of ₵20 (your usual rate) minus 10% of the order total. Read more about shipping classes here.


Use the previous shipping system

Using the previous shipping system, you can override the default shipping cost for an individual product. First you need to enable the previous shipping system in the ↗ Shipping tab of your Vendor dashboard, then override the default shipping settings when editing the product listing. To apply a discount to the shipping cost, use a negative value in the “Additional cost” field and it will be subtracted from your Default Shipping Price. Read this article for more info.


Use a storewide discount

You can activate a bulk discount that will be applied to your entire store. Visit your ↗ Store settings in your Vendor dashboard, scroll down and tick the “Enable storewide discount” checkbox to enable this option. You can then configure a percentage discount that will be automatically applied to your customer’s shopping cart if the total is over a certain amount. For example, a minimum order amount of ₵25 with a discount of 10% means that adding a product that is equal to or more than ₵25 to the shopping cart will apply a 10% discount. You don’t need to add the currency or percentage symbols when adding these numbers.

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