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Packaging matters

Packaging used to just be a functional means of receiving a product, but nowadays, your packaging is a reflection of your brand. As the ecommerce world develops, so do customers’ expectations. This means you have to go above and beyond just selling products in order to impress your customers, which you should view as a marketing opportunity to set your business apart from others. Low quality packaging can hurt your business and negatively impact sales. In the 21st century, you need to deliver an exceptional and memorable experience to your customers, not just a product. You never know, your packaging might inspire the customer to film an unboxing video!

First and foremost, choose your packaging wisely. Every package you send to a customer tells a story. From your box to your label, it will all create an impression. There are hundreds of packaging options for you to choose from. When choosing what packaging to use, you need to consider your product’s shape, size, weight and fragility. This will help determine the size and strength of the box or envelope you need, as well as whether you will need bubble wrap or other protective packaging. You should also consider the packaging material and its environmental impact. Depending on your business and product line, you may want to consider using a variety of packaging options. Whatever you choose, ensure that it is practical enough to reach the customer in perfect condition.

Once you have selected your packaging materials, then you then need to decide how you will brand them. You could do this using stickers, stamps, custom tissue paper or printed cards, for example. Depending on your business and your budget, this could mean that you end up with a highly customised luxury box, or plain brown box with a stamp on it – both are totally acceptable! There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Most importantly, don’t reuse boxes that have been sent to you! It may be tempting to reuse packaging in order to reduce costs, but your customer won’t be impressed. There are far better ways to recycle those boxes. Instead, create a good impression with your customer using a branded box. This will likely increase their chance of ordering from you again, which is totally worth every expense spent on the packaging.

Here are a few packaging do’s and don’ts:

✓ Do choose a box that’s just slightly bigger than your product, so you can cushion it with protective packaging.
✗ Don’t choose a box that’s the wrong size, as damage to the product could exceed the cost of a proper box.
✓ Do get creative with branding.
✓ Do choose a unique box or surprising appearance, if it matches your brand identity.
✓ Do use a variety of sizes and types of packaging on hand to suit your entire product collection.
✓ Do use clear, brown, reinforced or branded packaging tape.
✗ Don’t use masking tape, cellotape, cord, string or twine.
✓ Do tape the opening of the box and all seams and edges.
✗ Don’t leave raw edges on cardboard that can cause papercuts.
✗ Don’t sacrifice functionality.
✓ Do use frustration-free packaging.
✗ Don’t use excessive protective packaging. Only use what’s required.
✓ Do clearly label the package and include a return address.
✓ Do cover any products with sharp or protruding edges before boxing them.
✓ Do add personal touches, such as thank you cards or coupons, if it suits your brand.
✓ Do place printed instructions, information, and graphics safely inside the box.
✗ Don’t put too much imagery or details on the outside of the packaging, as this can attract thieves.
✓ Do test your packaging for safety and durability
✓ Do think about the unboxing experience and what will your customers see and touch first.
✓ Do comply with packaging guidelines and industry regulations.

Always package your items carefully. Remember, you are responsible for ensuring the order arrives safely!

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