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How to offer Free Shipping for some products and Flat Rate for the rest?

The easiest way to offer Free Shipping on some products but charge a Flat Rate for others, is to use Shipping Classes. has a variety of shipping classes for you to use. In this case, Free Shipping and Regular Shipping will do.

How to offer different shipping costs for different products:

  1. Log into your ↗ Vendor dashboard.
  2. Add your products to their appropriate shipping classes by editing the product listing, then selecting a shipping class from the drop-down menu in the “Shipping and Tax” section.
  3. Then navigate to your ↗ Shipping settings.
  4. Click on a shipping method to edit it.
  5. Ensure that the “Cost” field located underneath “Tax status” is blank.
  6. Set the Free Shipping class cost to 0 * [qty]. This means that no matter how many products from that class are added to the cart, the shipping cost will not increase.
  7. Then set the Regular Shipping class cost to a cost of your choice, using a fixed number or a sum for calculating the cost. For example, 10 * [qty]. This means that shipping will cost ₵10 per product in the Regular shipping class.
  8. Set the Calculation Type to Per Class: Charge shipping for each shipping class individually.
  9. Click Save Changes.

According to this example, if you have one product from each shipping class in your shopping cart, the total shipping cost will be ₵10 – ₵0 for one free shipping class product and ₵10 for one regular shipping class product. For more info on shipping classes, read this article.

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