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Return Request.

The ↗ Return Request tab of your Vendor dashboard is where you can view and manage any customer return requests. In order to manage returns, you first need to ↓ create warranties, then you can ↓ manage RMA requests and ↓ change RMA requests statuses.

return request menu tab

return request menu tab


Creating warranties

Before you can manage returns, you need to create an RMA policy. You can create a default policy, as well as policies for individual products. This can be done by visiting the ↗ RMA tab of your Vendor dashboard, or clicking a product to edit it and scrolling down to the “RMA options” section. If no policy is active, customers will not be able to submit return requests. For detailed instructions on creating warranties, read this article.

Managing RMA requests

When managing a return request, you can view all of the order details and return request details, as well as chat with the customer, and change the status of the return request. How to manage customers’ RMA requests:

  1. Log into your ↗ Vendor dashboard.
  2. Click the Return Request tab.
  3. Click Manage or the View icon (👁) on the request you would like to manage.
managing a return request

managing a return request

  1. Chat with the customer to gain a clear understanding of their request.
  2. Submit a refund request to (read this article for more instructions).
  3. Then update the return request status and order status.
responding to a return request

responding to a return request

Warning: You have the option to delete return requests, but we do not recommend this! If you have a valid reason for rejecting a return request, you can do so by changing the RMA request status to “Rejected” by following the instructions below. Even after a request has been dealt with, it is best not to delete it so that you have a record of it.


Changing RMA requests status

Changing the status of a request is the best way to keep a customer updated regarding their request. When managing a return request, the option to change the return status can be found in the status box. The status can be changed by selecting the new status from the drop-down menu and clicking Update. Return request statuses:

  • New: When you receive a new RMA request from a customer.
  • Processing: When you have accepted the request and begin processing it.
  • Completed: When the RMA request is completely processed and you have completed it.
  • Rejected: When you have rejected the request and will not process it.
  • Reviewing: When you are reviewing or investigating the request.
changing a return request's status

changing a return request’s status

Note: You are responsible for delivering the product that was described in your product listing, honouring your return policy, and providing a resolution when a customer reports a problem with an order. Read our refund and return best practices here.

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