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Sell Grocery & Products.

The ↗ Sell Grocery & products tab is where you can add and manage all of your Supermarket and Grocery products. The product table displays all of the basic product information, such as the title, product status, stock status, price and discount price, if any. You can quickly view products according to their product or stock status, and you can filter the products in the product table according to their category. Just select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu and click Filter. You also have the options to search for products using the search box, and perform bulk actions to selected products. Click the Add new product button to create a new product listing. Learn more about creating product listings by reading this article.

grocery menu tab

grocery & supermarket menu tab

When you hover over a product in the product table, additional product options are displayed: edit, delete permanently, view, quick edit and duplicate. To edit a product, you can click the name of the product, or click the Edit button. This will allow you to edit all of the product listing details and configure all of the product listing settings. To delete a product listing, simply click Delete Permanently. If you click View you will be taken to the product listing page to view the product listing, as if you were a customer. Quick Edit allows you to quickly edit basic product info, such as title, tags, categories and product data without leaving the page. Clicking Duplicate will create a new, but very similar, product listing – this is helpful if you would like to add a new product listing that is similar to an existing listing.

additional product options

additional product options

Helpful links: Selling by the Grocery module > How do I sell or list an item in Grocery? Selling by Supermarket module > How do I sell or list an item in Supermarket?

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