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The ↗ Support tab is where you can view and manage all of your customer support tickets. When a customer creates a support ticket from your store page, you will get notified via email that there is a customer waiting for support. When you reply, the customer will get notified via email. This is great for dealing with any specific order related enquiries, as customers are able to select an appropriate order number when submitting the ticket. First you need to ↓ enable customer support then you can ↓ manage support tickets.

support menu tab

support menu tab


Enabling customer support

Customer support is enabled by default, but you can enable or disable customer support as you wish. How to enable or disable customer support:

  1. Log into your ↗ Vendor dashboard.
  2. Click the Settings tab on the left menu.
  3. Scroll down to the “Enable support” option.
  4. Tick to enable, or untick to disable the support feature.
  5. Add text to the “Support button text” textbox if you would like to display something other than the default “Get support” phrase displayed on the button shown to customers.
  6. Click Update Settings.
enabling support button

enabling support button

Tip: We strongly suggest enabling this support feature, as it is a way of providing great customer service!


Managing support tickets

Once you have enabled customer support, you will be able to view all of your support tickets under the “All Tickets” tab, or you can filter tickets using the “Open Tickets” or “Closed Tickets” sub-section menu tabs. You can view the Status and Title of each ticket, the Customer’s name, the Date when the ticket was created, and the Topic, which corresponds to an Order number. You can also Close or Re-open a ticket directly using the icons in the Actions column, with or without responding to the ticket (although responding is highly recommended!).

viewing support tickets

viewing support tickets

To respond to a customer’s ticket, simply click on the Topic or Title of the ticket and you will be redirected to a new page. On the new page, you can write your reply using the textbox provided, and change the status of the ticket (open to closed) using the drop-down menu. You can send as many messages as you like and customers are able to reply. The entire conversation will be recorded in this one thread.

responding to support ticket

responding to support ticket

Note: Customers must be logged into their account to send a support ticket, and they can view all of their support tickets on their account page.

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