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Delivery and shipping services on the Cutemesh platform are handled by third party vendors, who employ smart modern technology to efficiently deliver packages to customers in most parts of the world. 

Swoove, a logistics technology aggregator uses GhanaPostGPS, Ghana’s official digital property addressing system, to ensure that the delivery and shipping of packages reach every corner of the country.


Ghana Post has a network of 360 post offices across the country and also uses GhanaPostGPS, Ghana’s official digital property addressing system to efficiently deliver packages.


Cutemesh also allows vendors to provide their own means of delivery and shipping. With this option if selected, the seller is the shipper or will provide the shipping service, and get the item to the buyer. If available, this shipping option will be available at checkout as a delivery option. 


Buyers also have the option to pick up purchases directly from the vendor’s location. Vendor will prepare the item, and hold it till it’s picked up. This option will also be available at checkout for selection if interested in using it.

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